Taylor Lobster Company is a family owned and operated provider of the highest quality Maine lobster and finest seafood, available at our market, by local delivery and for shipment worldwide.



32 Route 236
Kittery, ME 03904

Mon-Sat 9-6; Sun 9-5

  • Across The Counter

    Across The Counter

    We offer a large selection of fresh seafood at our market in Kittery, Maine. Customers can stop in or call ahead to have orders ready.

  • Across Town

    Across The River

    We deliver daily to local restaurants in ME, NH and MA to ensure that the freshest and highest quality product is available to serve our customers.

  • Across The World

    Across The World

    We ship daily all over the world and can accomodate orders of any size. We deliver fresh the next day, for both individuals and businesses.

SOFT SHELL Lobster Prices - 9/12/17

1 Lb. (Chix) - $5.99/lb.

1 1/4 Lbs. - $6.99/lb.

1 1/2 Lbs. - $7.99/lb.

2-4 Lbs. - $8.99 /lb.

Fresh Lobster Meat - $44.99/lb.

Our Story

For four generations, our family has harvested and distributed local Maine lobster. Our heritage and commitment to the lobster industry guarantees our customers a quality product and a memorable experience. Learn more about us.

9/12/17 Taylor Lobster is currently HIRING!!! Stop in to fill out an application and meet with a manager! AND.....There is still time to use your grill before the sunshine and warmth disappear for the season. Stop in to pick up all of your seafood grilling needs & check out the wine and craft beer selection too!